Youtube Business | The 666

This week has been something else. I don’t want to let it go by with no posts though. If I get off track again it’ll be difficult to get back. Anyway, my 666 post for the week!

4. What is a YouTube channel you’d like to watch or be a part of? Bonus points if you actually make it and link it. 

Oh man… Honestly, I’d really like to be able to do my own channel more seriously. I’ve been on it a bit, but I’m not really doing the things I want to do with it. That’s frustrating. I had a couple of videos from when I was in high school get fairly well viewed, but all the makeup is just awful, and I’ve learned a lot since then. I’d like to do makeup tutorials again, I’m just… frustrated with it right now, because I’ve not really been wearing much since I’ve not been getting to leave my house often. Maybe as my youngest gets a bit bigger I can start doing more and better. And then maybe I can get a better camera for it.

As for a group type channel, I really loved The Questionable Goths channel! I have always wanted to be a part of a weekly/everyday collab channel like that. I hate that pretty much everyone got busy at once. It was a really great one. I’m also kinda sad I only found it this year. The dialog it created was fantastic to me. Ah, well… maybe it’ll come back some day. Or maybe even something like it. I’d love that, honestly. I’d HAVE to apply.


I’ll be writing my list of Goth Creators for this week today, and have it posted tomorrow. That way I’ll have gotten two out, and that one with more content for sure.

-Mrs. Blair


Author: Lich Queen

20 year old artist, wife, and mother.

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