The 666 | Describing Myself

Please forgive my long absence. We moved within the last three-four weeks and life has been a chaos since. I should’ve posted regardless, but finding the energy was a bit difficult in it all. I’m getting back into the swing this week though! Starting with my continuation of Zakkarrii’s The 666! The question this week goes as follows, “Pick 5 things that define you as a person. Try to be specific, so Goth doesn’t work, but Victorian Goth could. Why these things? Are they things you see changing in the future? What’s one thing you wish you could put on this list?

My Five Things:

  •  Dark, campy humor
  •  Fantasy fiction addict
  • Artist/Crafter/Creator
  • Mature/historical Goth
  • Alternative mother, and wife

I chose these things because they’re my personal favorite parts of myself. It actually started out numbered, but I don’t really like putting any of these above the other. They’re all equally a part of me. My sense of humor is something that permeates everything I do. Though I struggle with depression, I’m not a dramatic melancholic Goth; in fact, because of my depression I prefer to take a humorous outlook on things. It keeps me going, and considerably less stressed out. The people I admire most in the mindset of the subculture tend to be comedian types as well. Voltaire, and Elvira, The Addams’; they’ve really built me from the inside. It’s particularly important to me because I spent a very long time think I wasn’t funny at all and spent a lot of my teenage years trying to be overly serious, or just completely overdoing it to compensate, and I’ve just recently become comfortable in my humor. The two most recent things on this list are the last two, but they are things that are gonna be around for the rest of my life, and I feel deserve a nod in remembrance.

Of the five things here the only one I feel might possibly change is the fourth. I am subject to whimsy occasionally when it comes to style, but I will say that this is something I have preferred for quite some time and now that I’m older and a bit less… volatile, I do feel like I can be comfortable being the same me I have felt/feel 95% of the time. Especially since my “natural” personal style interests tend to be a bit more toned down and I know that works with kids that are as young as mine are currently. Honestly, I think if anything with that changes it will just be in the context of turning up the volume so to speak.

The one thing I wish I could put on this list is… Organized! This is the biggest thing I’m working on in my life right now. I want to be successful, and I know that I’ve got what I need to be so other than organizational skills and time to work. One of these things will come as my kids get older. The other (Organization) is totally dependent on me developing habits that I neglected as a teenager, like an absolute boob. Eventually this list will have this addition. That’s mostly a promise to myself.


That felt good to get finished! Hopefully I can get the rest of the blog posts for the week written out or at least started today. Thanks for stopping by,

-Mrs. Blair


Author: Lich Queen

20 year old artist, wife, and mother.

2 thoughts on “The 666 | Describing Myself”

  1. Life takes precedence sometimes, especially during a move. No apologies necessary.

    Perhaps your ‘boobality’ will diminish as you acquire additional practice in the arts of organisation. My capabilities certainly increased as I got older.

    Welcome back.

    Liked by 1 person

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