Personal Gothic Inclusion

The 666 Blog Prompts

2.How are your ideas of goth being challenged or strengthened as goth as risen in popularity?

I think that the last time my ideas about what is or isn’t goth was challenged was the year before last. I had watched someone’s (I wish I could remember who) video on change over time in the Gothic subculture, and how that paired with the economy that the group made over time had really set it apart from other subcultures and allowed it to have a much longer and fuller life. Watching that and realizing that anyone that contributes to keeping the culture evolving with the times via content, and/or who contributes to the economy we’ve built full of artisans and shops catering specifically towards this particular group is helping to keep it alive and thriving and is therefore more than welcome and helpful, kind of really took the superficial teenage goggles I was wearing before hand off.

This outlook has really been strengthened with the sense of community I only discovered after reaching 21 years old and having kids, which made me want to post things strictly for looks and likes less and less. It took me a long time to get past the superficial layer of the subculture, and I think that’s really come with getting older for me. It’s easier to see the people that contribute to the subculture without being image based YouTube/Instagrammers when you yourself are participating in the subculture with actions rather than images. My ideas about goth are a lot more inclusive now than they were, and I think that it’s really helped the way I accept myself as well.


Author: Lich Queen

20 year old artist, wife, and mother.

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