Ravenous Inspiration

I am really chomping at the bit to write, and contribute, and have been for the past couple days. Zakkarrii from Living the Strange Life has really lit a fire under my ass, and has given me a drive to give back, and not just consume, to the Goth community at large.

I’ve developed a posting plan because of this, and I think that, honestly, it’s gonna help me a lot. Firstly, I’ll be doing her 666 List once a week, because the list isn’t finished, and I don’t wanna blow through it all at once. I’m doing it because the questions are substantial and I don’t wanna do a list that’s just a bunch of fluff pieces. I also plan to devour and deconstruct at least one thing a week (some weeks may have a bunch more, who knows) and to write about that. Today I’ll be making the list for that for a couple months in advance. The last thing I plan on doing is an inspiration piece at least once a month full of content creators I feel are really furthering the Goth community. That should give me at least two posts a week, if not more, and I know the more it becomes habit the better I can be about it.

Today’s my first day, and I’ll be doing the first question in the 666. I’m gonna take my time and make sure everything looks and reads great. *deep breath* I can do this.

-Mrs. Blair


Author: Lich Queen

20 year old artist, wife, and mother.

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