Intros Are The Devil

The 666 Blog Prompts

1. Introduce yourself. How did you get into goth? What do you want out of your experience here? Do you like cake?

I’m going by Mrs. Blair here right now because I usually go by an online moniker and I don’t really feel… at home with the one I’ve been using for a few years now. I may go to my real one; it’s just as old-timey and semi-Victorian as I am on the inside. Until then, though, my married name is perfectly acceptable. I’m a 21 year old mother of two boys, and they take up about 75% of my time since they’re both under three currently. The other 25% is art, baking, and sewing.

I honestly don’t remember a time definitively that I got into goth. I remember when I gotta name for it, though. The first alternative person I ever saw was Mandee (Triplesix) on Myspace when I was 13. She’s Cyber Goth and though that’s never matched me it’s always suited her, and I’ll be damned if that didn’t make me wanna learn more about my options and subcultures in general (“what’dya mean I can wear art?!”). What helped me get interested in the variation of goth that I feel embodies me was a combination of a foray into Japanese subcultures (*cough*Lolita&Aristocrat*cough*) and endless vampire and ghost literature. Well. That and the fact that I’ve always been at least 50-60 years old inside.

As for the experience I’m hoping for… I’m wanting to give back. I wanna create content that helps the subculture continue to thrive and live past the superficial. I’ve wanted to for a long time, and though what I consider to be my life’s work will (hopefully) do just that, it has to wait a little bit, and I wanted to do something now. Every little bit helps, after all.

And I love cake. As long as I don’t have to eat the frosting.

-Mrs. Blair


Author: Lich Queen

20 year old artist, wife, and mother.

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