Goth YouTuber Spotlight

This week’s post took quite a bit of digging, but I found some real gems, and it was well worth the time and effort.

1.) Ashley Nekomata

I found Ashley through this video, and I think it’s really interesting to think about. She also does DIYS, Mental Health videos, Vlogs, and is doing a “Spooky New England” series, which is super interesting if you like paranormal videos! I really like her channel, and can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

2.) Orphea333

Orphea333 mostly does makeup and fashion type videos, which is a bit of a switch up from the content I generally try to keep this list to; this is because I find her style guides (such as the one above) helpful and informative. I also really appreciate her editing skill, and find her fun to listen to!

3.) Wyldwych’s Ramblings

Wyldwych is an Eldergoth whose perspectives on the scene are super interesting and often deep in a way a lot of the younger people I interact with within the scene aren’t quite to yet. I really love her videos, and listening to her speak on the things she’s learned with the scene, beauty and growing older, and community.

Next week I plan to feature blogs I find informative and discussion inspiring! I feel that shaking it up with different platforms is the best idea. I hope you enjoy my suggestions as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Mrs. Blair


4 Awesome Goth Content Creators

This weeks YouTube Spotlight is here!

1.) Rose Nocturnalia

I really love Rose’s content! It’s interesting and different, and definitely entertaining because of that. They share some funny life experiences, discuss trends and interests within the community, and have an amazing look. I’m crazy excited to see what other videos this awesome YouTuber comes up with, and definitely recommend subscribing.

2.) Morella Reborn

I absolutely adore Morella’s book reviews, especially as someone that became interested in the subculture because of literature. They also do really interesting food videos that I get exceptionally excited about, and cool makeup videos, including their most recent Black Eyeshadow Showdown! They definitely keep the channel fresh and new, and I absolutely love it.

3.) CoveOfQueenSalma

Salma has a super interesting video style, that I personally like a lot. The videos they make tend to center around events and story times that are entertaining and fun to listen to. My personal favorites though are Shit Goths Deal With (from NonGoths) and People You Meet at Goth Clubs.

4.) Sophistique Noir


I’d like to end my post today with a blogger! Although they stopped posting in March, I’ve spent quite a bit browsing through this Elder Goth’s blog. The styles they posted were absolutely phenomenal for me, and a nice change from what’s popular right now. Posts include CorpGoth, Victorian, and Vintage/Romantic styles, which for goths that are getting older *cough*me*cough* can be really quite informative and interesting to look at. I highly recommend checking them out if that’s up your alley!

Youtube Business | The 666

This week has been something else. I don’t want to let it go by with no posts though. If I get off track again it’ll be difficult to get back. Anyway, my 666 post for the week!

4. What is a YouTube channel you’d like to watch or be a part of? Bonus points if you actually make it and link it. 

Oh man… Honestly, I’d really like to be able to do my own channel more seriously. I’ve been on it a bit, but I’m not really doing the things I want to do with it. That’s frustrating. I had a couple of videos from when I was in high school get fairly well viewed, but all the makeup is just awful, and I’ve learned a lot since then. I’d like to do makeup tutorials again, I’m just… frustrated with it right now, because I’ve not really been wearing much since I’ve not been getting to leave my house often. Maybe as my youngest gets a bit bigger I can start doing more and better. And then maybe I can get a better camera for it.

As for a group type channel, I really loved The Questionable Goths channel! I have always wanted to be a part of a weekly/everyday collab channel like that. I hate that pretty much everyone got busy at once. It was a really great one. I’m also kinda sad I only found it this year. The dialog it created was fantastic to me. Ah, well… maybe it’ll come back some day. Or maybe even something like it. I’d love that, honestly. I’d HAVE to apply.


I’ll be writing my list of Goth Creators for this week today, and have it posted tomorrow. That way I’ll have gotten two out, and that one with more content for sure.

-Mrs. Blair

3 Fantastic “GothTubers”

Ahhhh, I hate my self for that pun.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos all day while cleaning my house/playing with my kids and it’s kind of put me in a mood to do a post on Gothy YouTubers that I enjoy that don’t have just massive followings, but have great content and create thoughtful conversations.

1.) Freaky GothBabe

This fantastic YouTuber does OOTD videos, Makeup videos, and in among those, video content that addresses the community at large and takes a well thought out look to problems on the inside via examples of things that she’s dealt with, and makes videos for what she calls “Teen Bats” meaning, people that are past the introductory steps of being a Baby Bat, but aren’t quite to what they consider “Fully Fledged” quite yet. I really appreciate this YouTuber’s commentary on the Goth Community, and totally recommend subscribing.

2.) Lady Sinn

As a Goth Mom myself, I am super into Lady Sinn’s Goth Mom series. She keeps this series fairly unstructured (which as an agent of chaos, I adore) and address problems specific to being a mother and also being Goth as they happen to her. Her insight has really resonated with me, and given me an interesting “looking in on my life” perspective on things I am currently/scheduled to deal with sooner or later.

3.) Xynarah

I really enjoy Xynarah’s channel for two reasons. Firstly, I love her art, and the videos she shares it in make me smile. Secondly, Xynarah’s experience as an Elder Goth and as a Goth Mom with teenagers is infinitely interesting to me. Watching her videos on her experience and perspectives is a highlight on my YouTube viewership. Not to mention, her videos have a great quality in general, which I find fantastic.

Fairly short for now, but this is a project I plan to continue, and expand on. I want to make a post like this at least once a month (if not more) to highlight Gothic YouTubers that I feel deserve a look. There are many, after all!

-Mrs. Blair

3 Things that Tween/Teen Me thought would make me a Goth “Queen”

Lately I keep getting reminded of the things I thought as a youngin’ would make me “more goth”. They’re really quite entertaining now that I’m older and can laugh, both at my style mistakes, and my thought process in general; but they also give away to show me the style influences that built my interests. Today, I’m gonna dissect these, and have a bit of fun with figuring out what the heck I was thinking.

1.) Ponyfalls/Dreadfalls

The dreadfall photo belongs to Mandee. I’m not sure who the other photo belongs to, Reverse searching only got me uncredited pinterest accounts. Ugh. If you know, comment and I’ll edit it in.

This particular obsession was 100% spearheaded by Mandee (the one in the yellow there). I had her added on my MySpace account back in the day, and she was the first “gothy” person I’d ever seen that wasn’t in a cartoon, so I was OBSESSED with her look. I really wanted dreadfalls, and even attempted making them at some point. I’m super duper not into dreadfalls any more and have no desire what so ever to don them, but I do have a bit of a nostalgic love for ponyfalls still, and I would not be upset if there was a resurgence in popularity within the community again, to be perfectly honest.

2.) Platform Maryjanes/Knee-high boots

Both shoes by Demonia (linkity, link)

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore platform shoes, but I was absolutely convinced that if the whole shoe wasn’t at least three inches off the ground, it wasn’t Goth enough. This is particularly hilarious to me right now because the Winklepicker is so predominately touted as “the gothiest shoe ever” by quite a few people right now.

Not my favorite shoe trend, if I’m truthful. (GSC)

I’m actually still fairly interested in Maryjanes because they could definitely work for the look I prefer currently, but the knee-high platforms are a bit of a relic of a time gone by for me, personally. Which, is really a bit of a shame, because I have some, and no Maryjanes, or really any other shoe besides some faux combat boots that even look any bit of right for the look I’m working towards. I guess a shoe overhaul is in my future at some point.

3.) That Skirt… You Know The One

That school skirt, used on every on-screen goth girl in various cuts and patterns was my greatest envy. I wanted that skirt so bad, and I never stopped scouring every clothing shop and thrift store I could for “the one”. I never did find the skirt that I wanted to be my staple, but I was absolutely married to the idea for years, and years. Now days the idea of walking about in a skirt that doesn’t hit under my knees makes me curl up my lip in distaste. I still absolutely love that stupid skirt, but I am just not comfortable in that kind of thing anymore (not to mention, it’s not really something I feel is age appropriate for me either).


That was a hilarious walk down memory lane. I might’ve actually looked pretty cute if I could’ve gotten my self together long enough, but that whole “jumping around” business I did made a cohesive closet a little difficult to obtain. I’m well past most of these looks now (though I still adore them on other people), and while that’s kinda sad, it’s interesting to see all laid out, and to take them in as a part of my past.

Perhaps a more serious article, or even the flip side of this (my actual style concept) for tomorrow,

-Mrs. Blair

The 666 | Describing Myself

Please forgive my long absence. We moved within the last three-four weeks and life has been a chaos since. I should’ve posted regardless, but finding the energy was a bit difficult in it all. I’m getting back into the swing this week though! Starting with my continuation of Zakkarrii’s The 666! The question this week goes as follows, “Pick 5 things that define you as a person. Try to be specific, so Goth doesn’t work, but Victorian Goth could. Why these things? Are they things you see changing in the future? What’s one thing you wish you could put on this list?

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